“A hot Tom Waits….” ~Vance Gilbert



"If you want something *real differnt* I REALLY recommend the song/story release by Katie Anne Mitchell!" Her art reminds me on no one I've heard before, it's far off the conventional verse, chorus, *heard it all before* road - still it's plain *folk culture* ..probably there's a bit of Connie Converse here - a timeless unique approach. ~Lord Litter (Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box International)

 “It’s not every day – or every month – an album comes out of the blue and shakes you awake the way this one does. A phenomenal piece of storytelling in song and spoken word.” ~Jim Welsh (Summerhall Radio Edinburgh Scotland)

"Katie Anne Mitchell went head first off the creative high dive with her debut CD entering the world of songwriting, performing and recording with grace & class. She claims her place with ease and a dose of badass courage by weaving a theatrical mix of narrative and song complimented by a compelling vocal styling that is all her own." ~John Dillon & Vivian Nesbitt (Art of the Song Creativity Radio)

 "The Many Lives of Mockingbird" is comprised of songs and stories woven together like a web, spun from a fine silk thread. Each time I listen, I find myself drawn into its' magic and mystery, while more and more of its' meaning is revealed. Katie Anne Mitchell is a true story teller, as her voice flows from a soft whisper to a beautiful and haunting heart breaking melody. It's as if she has composed a sound track to her own movie just waiting for the curtain to rise. When you listen to this record, you'll know you are one of the lucky ones to be sitting in the theater.” ~Martha Reich Braden (Singer/Songwriter)

"One of the most ambitious, intricate, and complex first release projects I've ever seen. Vulnerable and self-revelatory, it holds nothing back. A massive piece of work - I am very impressed!!" ~Kray Van Kirk (Singer/Songwriter)

"Katie Anne Mitchell's The Many Lives of Mockingbird is an exquisite array of subliminal music and spoken word arrangement that takes you on an ethereal journey from blissful to the underbelly of the human experience. It's sonically arranged in a powerful manner showcasing KAM's rich beautiful vocals, that intertwine mesmerizingly with layered folk instrumentals. An upstanding debut and an artist to watch." ~Thea Juliette Stevenson (Singer/songwriter, ARSNK)