Three Second Moments...

As usual, a few announcements to start:

1) I did a really cool interview with Lord Litter who has given me some great airplay in the U.S. and Germany. I feel proud of this one. LL asks great questions and it gave me an opportunity to think more deeply about my perspective on the world and how that translates to my art at this point in my life. 

2) I have a few gigs coming up. On 
November 1, I'll be playing at Kulak's and on November 2 I'll be playing Tribal Cafe. If you happen to be attending Far-West this year, I'll be playing in Access Film Red Room #321 on Thursday and Friday, both at 11:10 pm.

3) I finally got my own piano! I took it out with me to a gig for the first time at Viper Room earlier this month. Here's a 
Tom Waits Cover I did, thus inspired because Vance Gilbert once referred to me as a "hot Tom Waits".....I'm holding on to that one.

4) I was the featured artist for September at Flyinshoes Review which is quite neat.
And now for some musings...
You may have noticed I've been silent for quite a while longer than usual. I've got reasons for that. The rest of my summer after my last mailer flew by in a flurry of motion and emotion until September whisked by me and I finally found myself with enough quiet to calm my mind enough to reach out to you. August brought Song School, September brought Europe, the beginning of October brought a yoga music festival...

I find it curious that only about 3 seconds, it seems, of any experience stays with us enough that we can relive it. I suppose that's all you need. Most of those moments I keep private. Nuzzled close and sacred to me that I'll allude to maybe one day in song or maybe recount in a heart-to-heart moment with the person I shared them with, or, most likely, pull them out on a quiet day and look at them as only my own and smile or cry or feel whatever it is they made and make me feel.

Today, though, while I'm in a more open frame of mind, I'd like to share a few of these 3 second moments from my travels over the last couple months:

~Sitting on my rock, the same one I've sat on every morning for four days, while a man (whose name I keep forgetting) sits on the same rock he's sat on for four mornings and we sit in silence, he making his morning watercolor and I making my morning words. This is a kind of peace I would like for a few minutes to have in every day going forward. It won't happen now, but it will happen some day in some community.

~A note from a new friend given one moment and read in another but in that initial moment the words didn't matter. It was a place with a lot of heart and a person who held onto that conviction of heart. I am so grateful to her.

~Slow dancing in an unremarkable cobblestone square to a local musician whose face I won't remember playing a popular song I had to be reminded of later. In spite the forgettable aspects, it is one of those special delicate moments I knew in the moment I wouldn't forget.

~ The first bite into the best damn sausage of my life in Brussels. All perfectly marinated onions and unidentifiable orange sauce and spices in a delicate balance. I will dream of that sausage.

~Counting the travels by the sunsets and one, in particular, looking out over Tuscany from one of the many medieval towns on a bench on a blocked off path and feeling my hand in his and having that be enough. No words needed in moments like that.

~Milos and the little Airbnb that overlooks a restaurant where three men play traditional music each night and have probably done so for four decades. Listening to them till they're done over a carafe of wine with friends much better than the wine and afterward the chef tells us, while standing next to one of these men, how this man has recently been given a bad diagnosis. We hug, we hug again, we all get teary-eyed and it's about as much as you can feel in a moment with strangers.

~The bum bum bum of a deep primal drum in the redwoods coming from one direction and the overly refined drone of yogi leading patrons toward nirvana in the other and me somewhere in the middle ass to moss-covered tree made bench. I'm sure there's symbolism in that. If you figure it out, let me know, otherwise I'll be sure to concoct some paltry explanation in these 3 seconds for how as an artist you're caught between connecting to the wildness and roots of humanity and refining, tweaking, creating, building yourself to something akin to enlightened and really, like most of the species, you will always be somewhere in the middle. Oops, too late.

There are so many more moments over this time, with friends new and old, with family, between me and my partner.... the moments that I relayed here are meaningful but not indescribable. Those private moments that I haven't shared are too precious for me to do them little justice in words. So, for now, I hold them close until some quiet day.

I hope your autumn brings you moments like these.

With love,

Katie Anne Mitchell