Somewhere on a Set in Encino

Let's get this out of the way first:

Bekah and I have a show at THE MINT in L.A. this Sunday, May 20 at 8:30 pm. It's a historic venue we've both really wanted to play and we are PSYCHED. Here is the ticket link. If you're in LA, we hope to see you there. We've got new time songs and old time sass.

And now, onto a story.

So, back to the title: Somewhere on a set in Encino. To be obvious, I started writing this email from a set in Encino. I do background work on occasion as one of my side hustles to pay my bills. As I've come to know intimately over the last five years working with the Standing 'O', it's difficult to bank on your artistic career making you sufficient money to live off of unless: 1) You're lucky, 2) You are that rare breed of artist that is equal parts talent and business acumen, or 3) You have the bravado of a drunk porcupine. Luckily, it's worth it anyway. So on I go.

Back to the set. Background work pays surprisingly well in LA, particularly if you're a member of the union. I got my SAG card in 1997 at the ripe age of 11. Around that time I did an independent film called "Between Somewhere and Salinas". So here I am again, from somewhere to somewhere. Four days of night shoots in, and the lack of sleep along with the lack of doing music or being creative has made me cranky. 

Then, what happens? Well, I get an opportunity to be off set for a day, so I take it for some sleep and the opportunity to be a little more creative. But, then I get an unexpected notice that I won't be needed for the following day either.


What do I do now? I haven't planned for this and more than losing the extra pay, I think I'm more freaked out that I have unplanned free time.

Later, I was talking to another artist dear to me, and he said to look at it like this: I was whining fairly profusely that I didn't want to be on set (he put it more kindly), that I wanted to do my art...and here it was this grand and rare opportunity to do just that. So, what was holding me back?

Now, I actually have fairly convoluted feelings about the whole 'power of manifestation' deal. I tend to believe that our realities are not only shaped by our own actions and intentions, but by the beautiful synergy of ourselves and the actions, desires, loves and heartbreaks of the other inhabitants of this world. But I digress. This was a fairly beautiful synergistic opportunity given to me and I was on the precipice of squandering it with my complaints because of why?

Fear. Of course. 

It's pretty terrifying to be given something you want, especially when you need to take subsequent action to follow through and live up to your words and risk falling flat on your face in the process. But it's also beautiful, and moves you forward and outward in this world. And damnit, I am much more scared of standing still than walking forward. So, again, on I go.

I followed his wise words, and I wrote a song. A song I like. A song I really like. A song/poem that is strange and twisting and dark and I'm excited to share it once I do a little more tweaking. More on that later.

So, my dear family-via-email, I hope you'll join me this weekend in taking advantage of some grand synchronistic moments that give you the opportunity to go exactly where you want to go.

On we go. 

With love,

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