Kansas City -- A Miniblog from the Road

This email will be uncharacteristically short. I have a show on AUGUST 15 at 7:30 pm at The Buffalo Room in Kansas City (MO not KS). If you're near KC, come on out! If you know anyone who is near, please feel free to pass along! The show is called The Vaudevillians Revival (You can thank John L. Keck for the cool ass name) featuring the cast of characters pictured above doing music, burlesque, and theatre.


Look, this isn't just any ol' show. This is my first time premiering MY VERY OWN SOLO SHOW. I am....terrified.

I created this fun little teaser trailer for it you can watch!! https://youtu.be/J4NhB1K8JaM

Fun Fact: I called this newsletter a "miniblog" in my subject line because, while on this crazy road trip, I've been obsessively listening to the true crime comedy podcast called "My Favorite Murder" in which they have these minisodes. I admire so many things about this podcast--the humor, the permission to indulge my perverse attraction to true crime, the compassion and tenderness with which the hosts approach the victims of the crime, their verbose nature (of course, I love me some wordy bitches), and their vulnerability in sharing their struggles with anxiety and putting something out into the world to be judged. I love it so much. I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement for this podcast, but I think my attraction to it at this point in particular is that they created something weird. They put it out into the world and other weirdos said, "Hey, I can get on board with this!" Then, it was off and out and they made their own community around it.

My solo show is called The Songs of the Nearly Forgotten. It gets weird. But I love it, and it makes me feel comfort in knowing that strangeness has a place in this world.

In fact you, (yes you!), and your strangeness have a place in this world.

So today....let's embrace the weirdness. And feel free to share with me if you need someone to except your weirdness. I love that shit.


Katie Anne Mitchell