First thing's first, a few announcements:

1) I will be doing a gig at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood TONIGHT, June 25 at 8 pm as part of a lineup of female musicians hosted by Fierce Femme Sounds. It’s my first solo gig in a long time and I’m debuting new tunes so it is fair to say that I’m really freakin’ excited about it. Details here.

2) I was featured on MUSE.TV, an online arts publication, for my music! You can check out the feature by clicking HERE

3) I’ve recently (read veerrrrry recently) delved into trying my hand at the piano and was invited to do a cover of this fella Bebe Cool’s song “Freedom” so I took the opportunity to put the song on piano. You can watch it right here, right now.

And now for some musings....

Morning and coffee and a plain pen. The perfect recipe for staying in the moment. I wrote this blog originally on a balcony overlooking the city. It’s easier to stay in the moment when you’re out of your day-to-day habitat and far enough away to don the hat of the observer. A man riding backwards on his bicycle through an empty city street, a flag trying to get in time with the wind, the ambulance answering the emergencies of the 8 o’clock hour and the requisite hound’s response.

And I stay in this moment until the very last of my willpower for concentration gives out and off goes my mind to the ether, to some memory, some concocted story, some fantasy. It’s simply my nature. When I was a child, I wrote this story called “The Golden Apple” while on a family vacation in Barbados. It was a fantasy story (naturally) and I worked on it with as much vigor as my less-than consistently attentive 7 year old brain could muster until, one night, I left it on the white linen at a restaurant which later resulted in my loving parents begging to for the waitstaff to retrieve it from the trash. I was ecstatic about having my masterpiece back.

I never wrote another word on it again.
I think that may be the thing about preciousness and art. I think as artists at some point there’s that fear that once we’ve created something, the muse will abandon us and the fire will burn out and we’ll be left alone and cold with our mediocre musings. So we hold on. We hold onto the memory of our favorite pieces, we put them on a pedestal, in the meantime all-too-casually ignoring the muse knocking at our window. I think, for a little while, I may adopt a new mantra: Create and let go. Create and let goStay in the moment for as long as I can after I'm done. Be the observer. Watch the crazy daredevil ride backwards on his bicycle full-speed down the city street. Once it’s out in the world, beyond some promo, there’s little I can do, it's got it’s own life and I have to keep trucking along waiting to see where the next creative bend will take me. To take a page from the Bill Morrissey song “Birches” and put it in a slightly different context, I believe our creative process in a lifetime burns like oak….slow and steady and continual….and our individual obsessions and passions burn like birches…exalting, fast, delirious. I think by occasionally throwing a birch on the fire, but maintaining enough humility to know it won't last forever, and continuing to burn the oak over the long haul, I think I could be one extraordinarily happy person.
I’ll leave you with the last line from the song (one of my favorites), “She thought of heat. She thought of time. She called it an even trade.”

With love,

Katie Anne Mitchell