From anthropology graduate student to actor to singer/songwriter and storyteller, Katie Anne Mitchell has settled on the term “creative universalist” to encapsulate all manner of artistic sins. Her debut album “The Many Lives of Mockingbird” is a reflection of her diverse approach with a half-audiobook/half-song concoction that is reflective, humorous, and just a little bit mad. The otherworldliness of Luna Lovegood meets the heartbreak of the Greek Persephone meets the convoluted spiritualism of the Fox sisters for an intimate around-the-campfire folk tale. 

Mitchell regularly performs out solo and with her irreverent witchy folk duo “The Middle Annes” alongside Rebekah LeAnn Wiggins (featured on the album as well) at iconic L.A. venues including Hotel Café, The Viper Room and The Mint. As one fan describes on watching her perform at Folk Alliance International that watching her is like watching the musical'Theatre of the Absurd.'She likes that.She was additionally awarded the “Live and Amplified” award for her original tune “The Dreamer”, a political tune about Santa Claus (naturally). She currently lives in Los Angeles and is a lover of wine, cheese, and trouble.